Staying Well During the Holiday Break

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Psalm 55:22: Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved. As you read this, your family is probably looking forward to their well-deserved holiday break. I thought it would be useful to share some reminders with you because no one wants to return from a holiday with a cold, let alone with COVID-19. Here are some tips to keep you and your kids well while you enjoy some time off.


Keep on handwashing

Kids like to touch things, in fact, a lot of activities for kids encourage them to get hands on. Whether you’re heading to a tourist attraction or hanging at the local playground, make sure you keep your kids’ hands clean (and yours!) by washing them often. It’s especially important to wash hands before making food, eating or after using the toilet. If you aren’t able to get to a bathroom with soap and water, carry a container of alcohol-based hand sanitiser with you instead.


Stay away from sick people

So, you’ve organised a sleepover for your child and they’re really excited, but then you get a phone call from the other parent saying that your guest is coming down with a bug! While it’s disappointing to have to cancel plans, this year we really can’t run the risk of spreading germs by spending time with anyone who is unwell. Whether it’s a school friend, a family member or family friend, if someone you were going to see is sick, you should reschedule or plan to meet up digitally instead.


Avoid large crowds

While we are allowed to head out and enjoy the state these school holidays, restrictions are still in place when it comes to how many people can be in one place. If you get to a venue and it’s so crowded that you know you won’t be able to keep 1.5 metres (think two big steps) from others, you should come back at a quieter time or go somewhere else. Skip the crowds by heading out at non-peak times – getting to a venue just as it opens or later in the afternoon can mean things are a bit quieter. If everyone does their part and behaves sensibly, it will be easier for West Australian businesses to operate safely.


Staying well while travelling

Some parents might be worried about travelling during the holidays and how they’ll keep their kids safe. As well as the above points, keep these tips in mind for safe, healthy travelling:

  • It can be easy to forget about social distancing when you’re in the middle of a long driving trip – before you all jump out of the car at a service station or playground, remind everyone to keep the 1.5 metres rule in mind.
  • Keep an alcohol-based sanitiser in the car, so you can keep hands clean on the go.
  • If you’re staying in accommodation overnight, keep benches and other surfaces clean like you would at home.
  • Use this trip as an opportunity to teach your kids to always cover coughs and sneezes with an elbow or a clean tissue.
  • While it might be disappointing, you should cancel travel plans if you or anyone in your group is sick.


If you’re still feeling uncomfortable about heading out, especially if you or your child has a medical condition that could put them at risk of serious illness, remember that you don’t need to go far and wide these holidays. It’s up to every family to make the best decision for themselves about what will be enjoyable to do and what is safe for them to do. If it suits your family better, you could enjoy a couple of weeks relaxing at home, spending quality time in each other’s company.



Adrian Scott



Collated from information promoted by Queensland Department of Health

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