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Well our time in Cambodia has come to an end and we are all ready to get home and see our loved ones. All of the boys worked hard to make improvements at the orphanage and better the lives of the beautiful children that live there. We managed to finish all of the projects that we had planned, plus some other odd jobs that will make a huge difference for them. 
Everyone was impacted by the children, the relationships they made and the welcoming and loving ways of the Cambodian people. Especially the children at Sunshine House touched the hearts of our students and tears flowed at we departed. I think it is safe to say that for many of our students this has been a life changing experience, with all students growing from this trip.
Rob Biddle
This trip has impacted me in a lot of ways and opened my eyes. Seeing those kids the way they live and how they work was hard to watch. For me to get the chance to paint something there was a privilege. I hope in some shape or form I have changed their lives or made them happier. For me to see this I now look at my life and realise that I don’t have it hard. I am now going to change the way I act and feel towards a lot of people and start taking what I have seriously, because these kids have nothing and for me to have something and treat it the way I do is wrong. My plan is to come back in 2-3 years and see them again and see how they have grown up. Steve (our resident artist)
Going on this trip showed me what the Cambodians have had to deal with since the days of the killings in the late 1970’s. I feel sympathy for the people of Cambodia because they had to deal losing family members, friends and so much more. It makes feel like I’m taking some things back at home not as seriously as I should, considering what these people had to go through. Michael M
During my time at Sunshine House I was honestly moved by the fact that all the kids are so happy and upbeat despite the fact that they live where they do and how they do. I would definately encourage anyone to go, I think it has changed me for the better as a person, I thank everyone that helped me to get here. Phil


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