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On Wednesday 24 March the Year 3s and Year 5s had a visit from the marvellous Professor Maths. He brought many fun activities to make students think and challenge them to persist until they arrived at the answer.

Some activities involved shapes or number problems while others contained a competitive element including challenging Professor Maths. Each problem required a different set of skills and allowed the students to extend themselves. Students worked collaboratively within their assigned teams, discussing and problem-solving ways to correctly answer the activity questions. They worked on their listening and persisted through the tough questions.

Jade (Year 3) even managed to beat the Professor at the egg challenge! The students had such an engaging morning stretching their thinking and using their hands and minds to solve many puzzles.

“I needed some help from Professor Maths to make the square out of different shapes. I liked doing all the tasks that the professor brought to school.”  – Logan J (Year 3)

“The shark game was fun! It was a challenge to find the right numbers to add up correctly”. – Indiya (Year 3)

“The hexagon game was very tricky because we would almost get them all right and then one did not fit. I loved all the challenges which helped us learn Maths.” – Diesel (Year 3)

“Even though some things were a bit hard, we figured it out and the challenge made it fun!” – Ethan (Year 5)

It was clear that the students were proud of their accomplishments and successes by their excitement to show off their glasses and funky outfits.

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