The Book of Everything

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Make sure to secure your tickets for Fenceline Theatre’s upcoming show at the 2019 Fringe World Festival!

The story of The Book of Everything takes place against the backdrop and context of Post Nazi Amsterdam in 1951. Thomas learns to come to terms with the austerity of his ‘wounded’ father and he witnesses the courage of both his mother and sister Margot. He learns; that what we often perceive and assume is wrong. That sometimes the greatest wisdom shared, can come from those we least expect it from. Thomas dreams of only one thing as a young boy, ‘when he grows up, he wants to be happy’. Thomas’ beautiful acceptance of others and his struggles with the difficulties within his own family, make this a magical and heart-warming story about love, family and community. 

Tickets are now available at and we hope that we will see many of you at one of the shows in February.



Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays 6-16 February 2019


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Students are able to access a student discount on the full ticket price by using the promo code “STUDENT”.


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Fenceline Theatre Company is Swan Christian College’s school-based theatre that operates under the premise of creating ‘space for students to create’. The theatre company under the leadership of Jane Hille provides students and alumni with the opportunity to gain professional theatre experience. 


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