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We would like to take this opportunity to remind the College community about traffic flow and parking regulations at the College.

The information below is provided to assist you in familiarising yourself with the various elements of the College’s road network and will help you to negotiate your way through the College in the most efficient way.  Please refer to the College traffic map for clarification of information presented below that can be accessed by clicking on this link.    


Entry/exit points:

  • All traffic can only enter the College via the southernmost access road along the Great Northern Highway.
  • All traffic can only exit the College via the middle access road along the Great Northern Highway.



  • Transperth buses will enter and exit the College via the southernmost access road along the Great Northern Highway.
  • Private buses will enter the College via the northernmost (gravel) access road and exit via the middle access road along the Great Northern Highway.


Entering the College:

  • The current traffic management plan approved by main roads requires that vehicles turning left into the College along the Great Northern Highway give way to traffic turning right into the College.
  • Traffic turning right into the College must exercise extreme caution as although vehicles turning left into the College are required to give way to you, other vehicles proceeding past the College require you to give way to them.


Traffic Flow / Direction:

  • All motor vehicle traffic flows in one direction from the College’s entrance to the College’s exit.
  • Transperth buses travel in two directions – into and out of the College entrance.


Number of lanes:

  • On entering the College traffic flows in one single (left hand) lane until after the “bus use only” lane exit, at which point it becomes a double lane. 


Locations of Drop off & Pick up Zones:

  • Four designated Drop off & Pick up zones exist within the College as described below:


Left hand side of limestone road;


Left hand side of bitumen road immediately after the first pedestrian crossing;


Left hand side of bitumen road immediately before “Reserved” parking bays;


Left hand side of bitumen road immediately after the Junior School pedestrian crossing


Rules relating to the use of Drop off & Pickup Zones:

  • Vehicles are not to be left unattended at any time in Drop off & Pickup zones. If you do intend leaving your vehicle, please park it in a designated parking bay;
  • Kindly proceed as far along the length of a drop off zone as possible to allow cars following behind you to also make use of the Drop off & Pickup zone;
  • Kindly align your vehicle as close to the kerb as possible to ensure that no part of your vehicle is jutting out into the lane on your righthand side, as this will obstruct vehicles attempting to drive past you;
  • Where possible please do not hold up the traffic behind you by stopping at the approach to a drop off & pickup zone. Consider the other drop off & pick up zones, or even a parking bay.



  • Parking of vehicles can take place in the following areas:


Line marked bitumen Parking bays at the front of the College


Along the length of the crushed limestone road


On the sides of the bitumen road where no parking bays are marked from the cricket nets to the first left hand road, and from the base of the junior school pick up & drop off zone to the red fire pump station.

  • The following areas cannot be used for parking (unless special allowance has been made by the College for an event)


Anywhere before the College entrance wall


Anywhere 50 metres beyond the College entrance wall


On the senior school, or junior school ovals


On any pavement, or pedestrian walkway


On any drop off & pick up zone



  • Plan your trip ahead based on which sub school your child(ren) attends and work out the best route to take.
  • Kindly observe the College speed limit of 20 kph.
  • Drive safely and always on the look out for pedestrians.
  • Exercise extreme caution when exiting the College onto the Great Northern Highway and only proceed when it is safe to do so.
  • Be courteous to fellow road users.
  • If you have any concerns, recommendations, or feedback please feel free to send an email to


Lastly, the College remains concerned about students crossing over the Great Northern Highway to meet parents / guardians who are parked on the opposite side of the road. There is no formalised pedestrian crossing point in the vicinity of the College which makes crossing over the two lanes extremely dangerous. We encourage all parents that this applies to, to seriously reconsider this practice for safety’s sake.


Thank you in advance for your co-operation and safe travels. 


Mr Frank Bowyer

Business & Development Manager

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