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We are continuing to work with Main Roads, traffic consultants and the architects currently developing our masterplan to guide the College through the next 10 years of building, refurbishing, and repurposing. Traffic flow and safety is a central consideration in that plan. We are expecting to complete this process and share these plans with you before the end of the year.

The accident at the exit road from the College this morning again highlights the dangers that we face being located on an extremely busy highway. Thankfully, those involved were able to be treated at the scene and then go on their way.

Unfortunately, the congestion is a constant problem and continues to frustrate the parents entering and leaving the College as well as the general public using the highway. 

I must thank all who had their plans disrupted while waiting to enter or exit the College this morning. Your gracious patience was much appreciated as was the help provided by parents and teachers as we all worked to keep traffic flowing.

That said, I find it necessary to express my concerns about some of the driving behaviours that we continue to see at pick up and drop off. My concerns are:

  • Drivers speeding in the College grounds. Parents are walking very small children to classrooms or to their cars and the speed with which some drivers travel on campus places their lives at risk.
  • Parents picking up children on the highway. There is far too much traffic and vehicles are entering from multiple points making it difficult for drivers to have sufficient visibility to ensure the process is safe.

To support our negotiations with Main Roads and to advocate for increased road safety at the Great Northern Highway intersection, I encourage you to write to the Minister for Transport, your local member and the City of Swan expressing your concerns and the impact that the traffic flow has on you and your family.

Finally, the parent from our community who was part of the accident this morning has asked me to pass on her thanks to the many parents and teachers who went out of their way to assist her.


Adrian Scott


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