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We had the pleasure of welcoming 90 people who are interested in enrolling their child at Swan Christian College to our College Tour last Friday, which was a great opportunity to showcase everything Swan has to offer to the wider community.

Our Junior School tour commenced at 9:00am with a tour of our Early Learning facilities and the rest of the Junior School environment. The parents and students who attended the tour were welcomed by our Junior School leaders and were entertained by the string ensemble which Mr Andrew Raymond organised for this occasion.

Our Principal, Adrian Scott, spoke to our visitors at Morning Tea and presented what is on offer at the College before families toured the grounds of the Senior School campus, accompanied by our staff and Senior School leaders.

Our next College Tour is on 13 August. If you have friends and family who may be interested in the College, please let them know to register for our next group tour at https://swan.wa.edu.au/collegetour. Alternatively, they are welcome to contact our enrolments team at enrolments@swan.wa.edu.au for a personalised tour or if you want to find out more about enrolling at Swan Christian College.

Please click on the following link to download the How to access Parent Lounge document:

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