Wintery Weather Will Not Stop our Year 7s

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It has been a very busy time for the Year 7s these past few weeks, filled with incursions, camp and peer support activities. The students learned about homelessness and its causes, worked on healthy friendships and formed stronger bonds through the Year 7 camp.


Beyond the Classroom with the Salvation Army

The Salvation Army was invited to share the valuable work that they do in the community, particularly focusing on homelessness and its causes. Students were challenged to contribute to the Salvation Army Winter Appeal. Thank you to those who brought in non-perishable goods, it is going to a worthy cause.


Peer Support

In Peer Support, students learned about the characteristics of healthy friendships versus unhealthy friendships. They identified the qualities they admire and value in their friendships and explored ways to promote these. Students were challenged to actively stand up against bullying rather than being a bystander.


Year 7 Camp

After a cold, wet and wintery start, the Year 7 camp began with the girls setting off at the beginning of the week and were later joined by the boys on Wednesday. Although the weather was cooler than normal students were engaged in several activities throughout their three-day camp such as archery, high ropes, orienteering and disc golf. By the end of the camp, the students were exhausted but had formed stronger friendships. A huge thank you to all the staff who gave up their days and nights to attend the camp.

This is what our students said about their experiences at camp:

  • “The camp was fun with all the activities as well as challenging and I made new friends”
  • “The three words to describe the camp would be fun, exciting and lots of food”
  • “I liked all the activities- the food was delicious; the Mad Hatter’s parade was funny especially Mrs Leaver’s Twistie Hat”
  • “Although the high ropes course was scary, I was glad I did it.”
  • “I loved hanging out with my friends and doing the high ropes.”
  • “My highlight of the camp was the high ropes course. It was one of the most difficult challenges for me. I thought I wouldn’t even get past the first part but in the end, I finished the whole course!”
  • “Disc golf was fun and adventurous.”
  • “Orienteering was fun, we got there in the end.”
  • “[I liked] the rock climbing because you felt like you achieved your goal when you hit the buzzer.”
  • “I loved archery because it was fun shooting the target. I also liked rock climbing and high ropes because even though I am terrified of heights I was able to do it and my friends helped me.”
  • “The colour run was my favourite part and hanging out with my friends.”
  • “I liked the treasure hunt because I won and it helped with teamwork skills.”
  • “I loved rock-climbing (I think I broke the camp record for the number of times up the wall without doing the buzzer)”

Mrs Junnetta Spurgeon
Dean of Year 7





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