Worklink Program Facilitates Workplace Learning

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Worklink has been operating for the Hills and Associated Colleges for 24 years and facilitates students from those Colleges into the authority-developed endorsed programs – Workplace Learning (ADWPL) for Year 11 and 12 students who choose Workplace Learning as a subject. 

Each Workplace Learning student will complete 55 hours per semester in a workplace of their choice which Worklink sources for them and records all their tasks in an official logbook. The team also monitors the student in that workplace. As part of the service, Worklink provides teaching on resume writing and how to present for an interview via their school liaisons.

Worklink Manager Koralie Leahy says they are all gearing up for 2022 as students have the option to choose Workplace Leaning as a subject in Year 11 and 12.

Two of our students who currently participate in the Worklink program are Kye (Year 11) and Swanonline student Ava (Year 12).

Kye has a passion for aviation and completed a Workplace Learning placement at Skippers Aviation. He was recently offered a traineeship with Skippers Aviation where he will complete a Diploma of Aeroskills (Mechanical). What a great opportunity!

Ava has completed her Workplace Learning through Worklink at Midland Junction Arts Centre. She is passionate about the Arts and will look to pursue a career in this direction.


Mrs Koralie Leahy
Worklink Manager

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