Year 1 Travels Back in Time

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On Tuesday 22 October, the Year 1 students, two of their teachers and a group of eight amazing parent helpers went to Sawyer’s Valley Old School House for an olden days’ excursion experience. It was such a wonderful day!

We flew in our time machine (a school bus) back in time to experience life as a school child in Australia last century. The students enjoyed sewing, playing old fashioned games, woodworking, making old fashioned lemonade, doing old wash board washing and a lesson in the old School House.

Everyone was dressed up and in character. By far the most talked about activity was the Old School House lesson where Mrs Cooper and Mrs Johnson took turns to run super strict classes including nail checks, chanting times tables, some blackboard printing lessons and of course the looming threat of the cane!

The weather was perfect, and we had a lovely picnic on the grass, as well as a surprise visit from First Class Constable Ingram (Ariella’s dad) and his partner. What fabulous day of fun and learning!

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