Year 11 and 12 Subject Selections

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The Year 11 and 12 Subject Information Booklet for 2021 is now available online. Click on the link below to find out what courses the College will be offering in 2021.

The booklet can be accessed on SEQTA Engage/Learn and the College website. It’s available as a PDF download or interactive flipbook. Limited paper copies can be requested at the College Administration if required.

If you have any questions about the subject content, please talk to the Head of Learning Area of the subject.

If you have any queries about the subject selection process, please contact Mr Gerhard May via email: or on the College number.


Year 11/12 Subject Selections Process
1. Initial Selections (Round 1)

Students make initial course selections during Week 10 of Term 2 (see Important Dates below). Selections are done electronically by logging on to a website and selecting courses from a drop-down menu. The range of courses available to each student is based on their Semester 1 results, OLNA results (in relation to English and Maths levels) and the prerequisites for each course. 

Students must make their initial selections based on those options available. They can amend their choices in Term 3.

Staffing planning is based on these initial selections, hence the relatively early initial selections.

2. Final Selections

Final selections are made in Week 7 of Term 3 (7 – 11 September). Gridlines are constructed based on these selections and after this date, subject changes can only be made according to those gridlines.

3. Application for extension to meet course prerequisites

Students who would like to study specific ATAR courses, but have not met the prerequisites, may apply to the relevant Head of Learning Area (HOLA) for an extension to meet course prerequisites. HOLAs will set specific conditions and time frames for the prerequisites to be met.

Important Dates

  • 1 July: Round 1 Selections open for students. All Round 1 Selections to be completed by 31 July.
  • Term 2, Week 10 (2 July): Try-a-Trade day in STTC
  • Term 3, Week 1 – 4 (28 July – 21 August): Pathway/course selection interviews. During this time parents and students book an extended interview with staff members to explore pathway options in more detail and have questions answered.
  • Term 3, Week 7 (7 -11 September): Final course selections are made.
  • Term 3, Week 7 (7 -11 September): Students may apply for an extension to meet the course prerequisites.
  • Term 4: Course allocations are confirmed via email to students.
  • Late Term 4: Course changes can be made, but based on gridlines only


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