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Last Wednesday the students of 1A took stage and ran their very first Junior School Assembly in the Maali Mia. 

The theme of the assembly was ‘Bucket Filling’, based on a devotional program we ran throughout the year encouraging friendships. To be a ‘Bucket Filler’ means to love and encourage others, making them feel good about themselves – to essentially fill their ‘love tank!’ 

Through drama and song, the students were able to convey a very powerful message to the rest of the school of the importance of showing kindness and to love one another in a Christ-like way.  They performed a play based on the book ‘Have you filled a Bucket Today?’ as well as sang a song all about this concept and providing many examples of how to treat others well.  The students enjoyed being the leaders of the assembly and showcasing some of the wonderful experiences they have had in Year 1. 

A sincere thank you to all of the parents, guardians and other relatives and friends of 1A who attended the assembly and supported the students as they prepared for this amazing day – it made all of the difference! 

Here are a few thoughts from some of the students: 

I enjoyed performing in the play because we could show how we can fill other people’s buckets” –Kaitlyn M 

“I enjoyed playing my violin at the assembly” –Dylan J 

“I liked doing my talking part and showing people about bucket-filling” –Emily B 

“I liked it when I could say my speech on stage” –Lincoln R 

“I have learned how to love one another and their neighbour and to fill other people’s buckets” –Jazmin P 

“I hope that people get better at including people and not excluding them” –Eliza E 

“I hope that people learned how to be a bucket-filler and to love people.  And that when you dip into someone else’s bucket, you don’t fill your own” –Olivia A 

Miss Alycia Stallo and Mrs Kristy Sonneman-Smith
Year 1 Teachers

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