Year 2s Hone their Persuasive Skills

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This term, the Year 2s have begun to learn how to write persuasive texts. To kickstart this unit, we invited Deputy Principal Terry Eason into our classroom to ask the students if they could form an opinion about the following question: “Should we change all of our water fountains to contain only soft drink?”

The students’ responses all differed as some were very enthusiastic about the thought of this, whereas others were very concerned about the health of the school community if this change were to be made.

The Year 2s now have a very important task to find a way to convince Mr Eason so that his decision can be finalised. There has been discussion on ways that this can be achieved such as making posters, writing a letter or holding a debate.

I wonder what the final verdict will be?


Miss Alycia Stallo
Year 2 Teacher

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