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Do you have a child in Year 3 or Year 4 who is currently enrolled at another school? If you do, it’s time to submit your application for our Year 5 intake! Changing schools in Year 5 can come with a number of benefits. We have listed three benefits below to help you decide whether changing schools in Year 5 is the right move for your child.

1. Seamless transition into high school

By enrolling in Year 5, your child will become part of the Swan Christian College community and join a seamless education path from Kindergarten to Year 12. Our Year 5 program is a launchpad for a number of programs that continue beyond Junior School into Senior School such as our Learning with Technology program.

Year 5 students have access to our Senior School facilities including the Senior School library and the Maali Mia theatre and get to know some of our specialist teachers who also teach in the Senior School. Year 5 students can furthermore make use of our extensive extracurricular program and apply for student leadership positions in Year 6.

Continuity from Year 5 to Year 7 creates a sense of familiarity that can make the move to high school much less daunting.

2. Opportunity to make new friends

One of the concerns your child may have when it comes to changing schools in Year 5 is that they worry about missing the friends they’ve made at their local primary school. We like to encourage our prospective parents that their child will still be able to spend time with the kids in their local community. Your child will continue to be able to play with their local friends on weekends, at their local sporting clubs or at kids church. In addition to their existing friends, they will have the opportunity to make new friends and be part of a supportive community at Swan Christian College.

The friendships they forge in Year 5 can help your child thrive socially and will provide support as they transition into Year 7. By enrolling in Year 5, students have time to make new friends, and they can move comfortably to high school with a cohort of friends they have made over the previous two years and an established support network in place.

3. Changing schools before the teenage years

Changing schools in Year 5 means your child will get the chance to adapt to a new school environment before the teenage years which – as we all know – bring their own social, physical and emotional adjustments for students and parents alike. Younger children generally establish new friends easily, and therefore settle in more quickly than adolescents. By changing schools in Year 5, your child will be able to transition to a new learning environment before having to tackle the transition from childhood to the teenage years.


To learn more about our Year 5 program, please don’t hesitate to contact our enrolments team at or on 08 9374 8300. Applications for Year 5 2022 and Year 5 2023 are now open. Apply today.

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