Year 6s Meet the Premier at Parliament

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This term, Year 6 students are exploring our Great South Land. As part of this they made their way to Parliament House, the Electoral Education Centre and Kings Park to extend their awareness and understanding of what makes up this Great South Land that we live in. 

While at Parliament House, each class was privileged to meet our Premier, Mr Mark McGowan. It was exciting to have him stop, talk with us and ask some questions.  The Year 6s enjoyed taking time exploring both the history and the modern elements to Parliament House and our history in Western Australia. 

At the Electoral Education Centre students learned the process of preferential voting. To provide a practical example they used some of our favourite lollies and chocolates as candidates. Just who was the preferred candidate? Skittles were the favourite in at least one of the classes. 

Kings Park provided us with the chance to stretch our legs and learn about some of the different plants available in Australia that have been used by the First Australians in our region. These plants not only provide food to eat but can also act in a medicinal way. 

It was a wonderful opportunity for students to learn some of our history that they could take back with them to their classroom.

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