Year 7 Lightning Carnival

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On Monday 19 October, the entire Year 7 cohort participated in the ACC Lightning Carnival. Students were involved in a sport for the entire day and the aim of the day was to facilitate new friendships and have fun!

The sports we were involved in were girls and boys soccer, girls AFL, boys basketball, girls netball and mixed ultimate frisbee. Students from the Year 10 Sports Management class served as umpires and coaches for the day, allowing the staff involved to circulate and encourage all of the students they were with.

Below are some reflections from some students involved in each of the sports.

I attended basketball. Both Swan teams played amazing and tried their best. The highlight of the day was that we all had fun. I would like to thank Michael and Matthew for being the coaches for both of the teams. They did amazing, it being their first time coaching a team. The lightning carnival was a great experience and I definitely would like to go again.” – Matthew H

“At the lightning carnival, the sport I did was girls football with a group of eight people, so we only had one sub. Even though we didn’t win every match we still had plenty of fun with the teams that we played. We probably had a little too much fun during the games than playing them. We had some awesome goals that we didn’t think would go in, but they did. I can’t really choose just one highlight of the day as there were so many to choose from and as there is no “I” in team I can’t say which was the highlight of the day. Our whole team could choose one but we would have a huge conversation about it and just end up laughing. My experience was awesome we had so much fun. We played so many good teams, some mean some not, but we didn’t let them get to us either way. I played as hard I could, and I didn’t let anything get in my way and neither did my team. When we were working together we were an unstoppable force but we didn’t really stay unstoppable but we worked together either way.” – Natalie H

“I attended ultimate frisbee. It went surprisingly well despite the fact that practice throws were a bit rusty. There were two teams – my team won two out of three of our games and the other team won all of theirs. My highlight of the day would probably be our second game, it was super challenging as the other school really put up a fight. It was super windy, but in the end, my team won. Ultimate frisbee was fun. The games were full of action and it required so much quick thinking and teamwork. Signing up to play this was worth it.” – Lara J 

“The Lightning Carnival was really fun. I played soccer and it was a great experience to have fun and use teamwork. At first, we didn’t really know each other but in the end, we won a game! Overall I think it was really good and I hope the next Year 7s enjoy it.” – Rachael S

Next year the carnival will move back to its usual Term 2 timeslot, so it is something for the incoming Year 7s to look forward to. A huge thank you to the staff for supporting the students throughout the day and for helping it to run smoothly.


Mr Sam Tweedie

Deputy Head of Health, PE and Sport





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