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The Year 8s launched into their Living Well program in 2020 with an assembly to determine which cause they would like to support as a year group this term and a guest speaker on the topic of cyber safety.

Week 1 – Year 8 Assembly

Mrs Poole and the mentor teachers led the Year 8s in their first assembly as a new team. After many procedural notices, the students voted on a shortlist of causes that we will champion as a year group. The highest number of votes (by a comfortable margin) went to No Diet Day. #nodietday is an international event that is a day free from fad dieting and obsessive calorie counting in order to acknowledge the beauty and diversity of all body shapes and sizes. Furthermore, it aims to raise awareness about the eating disorders that affect those who struggle with their own self-image. No doubt, the Year 8s will lead this day across the Middle/Senior School campus with a celebration of deliciousness! No Diet Day is celebrated on 6 May.

Week 2 – Guest Speaker

The Year 8s were lucky enough to hear Jordan Foster from YSafe share a wealth of information about cyber safety – including issues like cyber-bullying, child safety, sexting and the law  in an enlightening and interactive session. YSafe will be offering a free session for parents on Tuesday 25 February in the Maali Mia Theatre at 7:00-7:45pm. RSVPs would be appreciated via the following link


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