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Firstly can I take the time to once again introduce you to our Wellbeing staff at the College. We have two College Psychologists and three Chaplains across the K-12 campus, along with First Aid and Attendance officers. For more of an introduction, please see ‘Meet our Wellbeing Team’.

Living Well platform offers a range of resources for students across the year 7-12 cohort, with numerous experiences throughout the year. Part of the program provides learning opportunities for our parent community. Our subscription to School TV and YSafe Cyber Hub is worth finding the time to explore further. Please visit your SEQTA parent portal to find more information and resources.

Over the years we have accessed numerous educational speakers to engage learning in the parent community. Guests such as Maggie Dent, Armed 4 Life and Dr Arne Rubenstein are just a few who have provided valuable learning. Living Well aims at providing three speakers to grow our parent community in raising our youth. Yearly, YSafe provide valuable digital learning for parents.

Please see this link https://bit.ly/SwanCC_ParentSession for our two-week access to YSafe parent information aimed at our Swan . If I could encourage you to find the hour to listen to the presentation, I believe it would be very worthwhile.


Kind regards,

Mr Simon Bergin
Head of Wellbeing

Please click on the following link to download the How to access Parent Lounge document:

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