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Day 6 – Village and School

Today was a nice start, waking up at 7.30. We had breakfast at 8. Then Mrs Coleman shared a life story which was very moving. We had small group time where we shared some highs and lows of the trip and boarded the bus at 10.00.

When we arrived at Light Up Ahead the children all ran to the fence as our bus approached and waved and yelled. The smiles were so full of joy and love. as we walked the kids started singing and cheering. Veronica took us on a tour of the school and told us that her dream was to build proper stairs up to the classrooms on top of the hill. After the tour of the school we broke into three groups and went around to each classroom. Every kid was so amazed by the cameras and wanted see the pictures of themselves.

We then took a tour of the village and as we walked through we were joined by a large group of children who held our hands – it made my heart melt. We walked around the village for a while then went back to the school where we were swamped by the kids hugging us and pulling us to come and sit or play with them. We went to the market to buy some beautiful Africa print fabric to make some traditional clothes.

In the evening we went to the House of Prayer Church. We had to push start the bus to get to church. Our team led the service with testimonies and songs. It was very well received. When the service had finished I was talking to an African lady with the cutest baby and she let me hold him!

Mr Bent’s team made tuna mornay for dinner with yoghurt for dessert. Then our teaching group got together and discussed what lessons we will do tomorrow.

The day was very inspiring and it made me feel like I want to put my all into this school and make them all smile and make them as happy as I can. 


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