About Junior School

Kindergarten Program

In KG students are engaged in using the new Early Years Learning Framework. This is a national framework to ensure quality educational programs. The five key goals are building a strong identity, making connection with their world, a strong sense of wellbeing, and confidence in learning and effective communication. The early years are a time to:

  • Belong - to a family, culture, a community
  • Be - play, have fun, try new things and enjoy
  • Become - the best they can be, learning all they can.

The emphasis is on social skill building and confidence to begin the literacy and numeracy journey of College life.


Lower Primary (PP, Years 1 and 2)

Work in Lower Primary is built on the foundations established in Kindergarten.  There is an emphasis placed on students becoming users of their own writing and reading to develop literacy, supported by a commitment to assisting them on their own individual learning journey.

Time of Growing Interests
At this stage children start to become aware of things beyond their own experience and take an interest in community, developing friendships and caring for those around them. Our themed topics, covering Science, History, Geography, Health, Art and Technology, reflect these growing interests. Language skills are used and developed in connection with these themes. This makes the learning more integrated, realistic and interesting for students.


Middle Primary (Years 3 and 4)

In the Middle Primary, students begin to pull together the isolated foundation skills developed in Literacy and Math and move to a more independent level of language that allows for the development of research skills and the exploration of higher levels of content.

Children are given the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of topics and explore interests in a more independent style of learning. They are given new challenges by way of different situations to apply their skills. The emergence of integrating IT skills in their learning becomes much more keenly focused.


Upper Primary (Years 5 and 6)

Work in the Upper Primary is aimed at preparing students for leadership. High expectations are placed on the correct use of language in all its forms. Math skills are honed to enable the students to cope with the much more difficult concepts of abstract thought and process found in Secondary Math.

To support this time, small group instruction focused on developmental groups for Literacy and Numeracy allows confidence and knowledge to grow at a more individual pace.

IT Development
IT skills are an integral component of the learning curriculum. Children are expected to work with a variety of programs and products as a normal part of the day’s study.  Upper Primary is where the students become a part of the Bring Your Own Device program. The objective of the BYOD project is to engage students using their own devices to achieve learning outcomes in the classroom with technology and to enable them to continue learning anywhere, anytime.


Enrolment enquiries

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