Our Teachers

Our passionate teachers are highly qualified experts with years of teaching experience and are specifically trained in online instruction methods.

They all share a desire to make a difference and help students learn in the ways that work best for them. Our teachers enjoy ongoing professional development through the SCEA Institute of Teaching and Learning to ensure they stay current with future advancements in online instruction.

Their innovative pedagogy makes optimal use of all available teaching tools and technologies, and they care deeply about each individual. 

Teachers meet with their students in an online virtual classroom where they lecture, show videos, demonstrations and presentations, ask questions and hold discussions, just like they would in a bricks and mortar classroom. 

Teachers and parents communicate by email and phone to discuss student progress and individual needs. 



Marion Poynton (Head of Swanonline, Teacher of Business Studies and Certificate III WorkSkills)

As Head of Swanonline Marion Poynton has an extensive background and career in Online Education and is passionate about growing and extending quality Christian Education courses to develop high-caliber students Australia wide.

She directs strong emphasis towards fostering the potential in teachers to ensure quality delivery of courses and enjoys coaching, mentoring and grading pre-service teachers.

Having recently completed a Master in Christian Education Leadership, she has a particular interest in Christian Education and in her spare time works with a team writing curriculum for an International Distance Education dance course.


Charis Mitchell (Senior Administration Assistant)


Jane Arney  (Teacher of Year 10 Maths, Maths Essentials General & Visual Arts General)

Helping others is Jane’s passion and she enjoys helping students reach their unrealized potential through nurturing and encouragement. Jane has a big love of art and is an accomplished artist herself.  


Charles Coghlan (Teacher of Economics ATAR)

Charles has been teaching for ten years and been involved in online education for the past four. To Charles, teaching involves creating the opportunity for students to discover their own strengths and to become well-rounded, responsible individuals

His personal interests include reading, kayaking, rugby and traveling with my family. 


Bronwyn Dennis (Teacher of Year 7 English, HASS & Science, Year 10 Science, Geography ATAR)

Bronwyn joined the Swanonline team in 2015 after working at various private schools in both Regional Western Australia and Metropolitan Perth.

 She studied a Diploma in Education as an external student whilst living in a regional area and it is this personal experience of being an external student that drew her towards becoming an online teacher.  


Jorja Di Lello (Teacher of Mathematics Specialist ATAR)

Jorja joined Swan Christian College in 2014.  She loves Maths and is passionate about helping students achieve their goals.  Jorja believes in helping students become lifelong learners and is always looking for opportunities to build her own skills.  Being from the country, she values access to quality education for all students.

Jorja loves spending quality time with her wonderful husband and two young children.


Libby Dowell (Teacher of Year 8/9/10 HASS  and Modern History ATAR)

Libby loves teaching HASS and has a passion for both History and photography.

Online education suits her perfectly as she lives in the South West on a little farm with her family and a menagerie of animals including chickens, cows and a trusty farm dog.


Norm Ewing (Workplace Learning Coordinator)

Norm has been at Swan Christian College for 28 years and been part of the Worklink program for the past 15 years.

Norm has a passion for seeing students develop their workplace skills so they can transition into life after school successfully. 

For Norm, it is always a pleasure to meet graduates that have been through the workplace learning program and who are happy in their careers.


Kristie Fleming (Teacher of Year 8 & 9 Maths)

Kristie has been teaching a range of subjects including Mathematics, Science and Home Economics at Swan Christian College for a number of years and joined the Swanonline team in 2013.

She enjoys the challenge of teaching Lower School Science and Mathematics classes in an online medium.


Danielle Grisham (Teacher of Psychology ATAR)

Danielle is a self-confessed nerd; she not only loves teaching psychology but spends her time reading and researching psychological theories. She also loves reading literature and doing craft, especially embroidery, dressmaking and patchworking.

Danielle has been teaching at Swanonline since January 2018. As the Learning Support Coordinator, she is also passionate about how people learn and helping her students become more confident in their learning abilities.


Manuela Harmon (Teacher of Year 7 Maths, Year 8 & Year 9 English)

Manuela has been teaching for over seven years, is passionate about her profession and loves what she does.

Originally from Switzerland, she has a wonderful husband, two beautiful children and two chickens called Lilly and Milli.


Bronwyn Horlock (Teacher of Year 8 and Year 9 Science)

As a former student of Swan Christian College, Bronwyn is excited to reconnect with the College through teaching at Swanonline. Although she loves most areas of Science, Bronwyn has always had a fascination with how the human body works and enjoys sharing this with her students. 
Her personal interests include camping and exploring our beautiful country on road trips.


Clayton Leaver (Teacher of Design: Technical Graphics General)


Laura Lecciones (Teacher of Biology ATAR and Human Biology ATAR)

Laura enjoys teaching Science, with a focus on Human Biology.

At home, she is kept busy with a toddler and enjoys spending time in the garden.


Pieter Maliepaard (Teacher of Integrated Science General)

Pieter’s background includes 7 and a half years’ experience within Agriculture, specifically within the fresh cut-flower, grains and turf industries. Furthermore he has gained 8 years of small-business experience within the Springwater Distribution industry in Australia. Pieter recently decided to make a career change into teaching to be able to make a positive difference in the lives of young people. He is hoping to use his love for Biology and Mathematics to inspire students to become better learners. Pieter has two teenaged daughters and enjoys spending time with his family in the outdoors camping, hiking and biking. He also enjoys sports like tennis and rugby and loves a good action movie.   


Paul Oesterheld (Teacher of Ancient History General)

Paul has been teaching for 11 years. He is a trained Humanities and Social Sciences teacher with an emphasis in History. Paul has a particular interest in Ancient History and has been teaching in this area for many years now.  

He is an avid reader and sports fan. Reading interests revolve primarily around theology, education and history. Sporting interests: boxing, rugby league, Moto GP and the Bundesliga (German soccer league - supports Bayern Munich). 


Alex Smilovitis  (Teacher of Maths Applications ATAR)

Alex has been at Swan Christian College for seven years, primarily teaching senior Mathematics, and joined the Swanonline team in 2011.  

He is passionate about education and technology and believes that quality online education is achieved by directing passion through appropriate online tools.


Zaven Stephens (Teacher of Media Production & Analysis ATAR)


Jane van der Westhuizen (Teacher of Integrated Science General and Biology ATAR)


Anne van Oudtshoorn (Teacher of Year 19 English, English General, English ATAR & Literature ATAR)

Anne has been teaching English in WA for just over twenty years. 

Since the skills of reading, writing and speaking form the basis of all learning, she considers it a privilege to explore these three skills with our students through the English courses at Swanonline. Anne believes that curiosity is the key to all learning and that the longer we live, the more we realise how little we know.

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