Who we are

Swanonline was established in response to the need for a more flexible approach to formal education. Virtual classrooms supported by an e-learning platform mean that our students can learn anytime and anywhere. 

As Swan Christian College’s online educational arm, Swanonline is fully registered as part of Swan Christian College.

The online schooling program is an integral part of the College, which has a well-developed Christian education philosophy and a broad scope of programs that aim to promote a strong sense of belonging and instil the values of wisdom, love and justice.  

We have a unique community made up of a diverse range of students and families whose lifestyles are many and varied. Each student and their story make up the colourful fabric of our online community. We are dedicated to providing a caring and connected learning environment in which every student is educated, encouraged and equipped to be a person of purpose, passion and integrity.

What we offer

Offering a flexible and dynamic curriculum that covers Western Australian and National curriculum standards, we prepare students for successful completion of WACE or vocational studies in Years 11 and 12. Our students are given the opportunity to engage in learning experiences that are relevant, content rich and interactive. There are regular opportunities for student-teacher interaction and community building through web interactives, excursions, visits, other events and camps. 

Good teaching and learning comes from good teachers. Our Swanonline teachers act as educators, mentors, encouragers and opportunity-makers for our students and are readily contactable for students through email, online communication, or by phone.

At Swanonline we recognise parents as the prime educators of their children and value the dynamic and unique partnership we build between home and school. 

As well as inspiring our students to strive for personal excellence, we give them a firm grounding in Christian principles that will serve them well throughout their life.