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Janae Kerr (Completed Year 10)

I am pursuing a classical ballet career so needed the freedom to do school outside of normal school hours. I enjoyed the one on one learning skype sessions and found I could learn and understand at a quicker rate. The flexibility to be able to finish assignments and work involved around the busy and hectic ballet schedule each day was a real bonus.

My favourite thing about Swanonline has been the understanding and support of the teachers. During a very challenging time last year, the teachers were very supportive and have helped to keep the pressure of school deadlines a little less stressful.

This year I’ll be heading overseas on an audition tour throughout the UK and Europe to further pursue my training and ballet career. I’m extremely excited about what the future holds and am very much looking forward to the many wonderful adventures ahead of me.


Emma B (Year 12)

I was travelling 2 hours on the bus each day to go to school and desperately wanted an alternative. I loved the fact that Swanonline offered Skype calls and support via email or phone. When my brother Luc saw how much I was enjoying it, he also moved across to Swanonline.

We love having no travel to and from school as it gives us extra time in the day for extra-curricular activities. I also love having flexibility and more independence, which is helping me get ready for my University studies. 

We have made friends with other online students in our classes and talk to them regularly on Skype. I also loved attending the Year 11 camp last year.


Oliver K (Year 9) 

I asked my parents if I could leave our local high school when I felt that the environment wasn't suiting my learning style. Class streaming meant that I was in a noisy environment with lots of disruption and I would often come home unsure about what was actually expected of me. Despite my best efforts, I found it difficult to progress.

What attracted me to Swanonline was the fact that I can work in a quiet environment, that my work is clearly set out in a sequenced way, and that I can go back over an idea as many times as I like.

I love the flexibility, it allows me to work in a more adult way. I also enjoy just focusing on the 4 key subjects and work much harder at online school than I did at school.

Online learning suits my brain better. It has uncovered my smartness and I am happier, more confident and clearer about my educational goals.


 “We would like to thank  Swanonline for the wonderful care and support they have given Janae and would recommend this program to any family who is looking for a professional, caring and supportive schooling learning program.” 

Tanya Kerr 

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