With my two children moving to Swan in 2018 where my wife Kristy and I have one child in the Junior School Year 4 and one in Middle School Year 8.  I am currently on the Pastoral Team at Dreambuilders Church Perth where, together with my wife, we oversee the Pastoral Care of our Malaga campus and provide a support role in Missions.  I also work as a consultant with Not-for-Profits and charities in Northwest regions of WA and South-East Asia assisting in Finance, Business Development and Governance. Outside of Work and Ministry I am kept busy with kids sport and trying to keep up with them.  It is a great time to spend with the family, but it does keep us busy. While only new to the role, I count it an honour to serve the Swan parents and staff on the committee and to be a voice in the development and community of our school. If you see me around the school please introduce yourself, as I am interested in your journey and experiences at our school.

The school is a community of students, staff and parents all focused on the development of the next generation.  We all have different roles to play in their development, but the community is stronger with more people playing a role, so let me encourage you to get involved in the various programs coming up as they are designed to build a stronger more resilient community.

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