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Our annual College Photo Days will take place on Monday 30 July, Tuesday 31 July and Friday 3 August. Please fill in your personalised order envelope to order photos.



Monday 30 July                      

– Middle and Senior School students

– Hospitality and Trade Students


Tuesday 31 July                      

– Junior School students

– Student Leadership team photos


Friday 3 August                      

– Year 12 photos


Monday, Tuesday and Friday

– Sibling photos


How to order your photos 

Your child will bring home a personalised order envelope.   

  • Your child must return this envelope regardless of whether you are ordering prints or not.
  • Middle/Senior School students need to bring the envelope on Photo Day. Junior School students need to hand the envelope to their teacher prior to Photo Day.
  • Photos can also be ordered online through Fotoworks. The shoot key will be printed on your order envelope. 


Sibling photos 

Sibling photos will be taken in the Conference Room on Monday 30 July, Tuesday 31 July and Friday 3 August from 7:30am to 8:30am. Sibling photos need to be ordered prior to Monday 30 July. To do this, please pick up a sibling photo order envelope from Student Services and return the envelope with full payment to Student Services prior to Photo Day.

These photos are for College students only; other family members or friends are not able to be included in sibling photos.


Dress code

On the day, please ensure correct winter uniform is worn. Please refer to the College Uniform Guide to ensure your child wears correct winter uniform on the day. The guide can be downloaded at:

Please click on the following link to download the How to access Parent Lounge document:

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