Society and Environment (SOSE)

The Humanities and Social Sciences Learning Area covers a broad range of topics that develop students' understandings of how and why individuals and groups live together, interact with their environment, manage resources and create institutions and systems.

There is a strong emphasis on skills development in Year 7 to 10. Literacy and numeracy skills are applied and a strong focus is placed on research skills, critical thinking and enquiry tasks.

Year 7 to 10

Humanities and Social Sciences is compulsory in Years 7-10. All year levels follow the Australian Curriculum for History and Geography. In addition to the Australian Curriculum, Year 7 and 8 students are involved with building and maintaining a sustainable garden as well as a unit exploring Asian culture and history with a focus on Japan to assist with their studies of Japanese. In Year 9, a Law and Government unit is respectively offered in addition to History and Geography. In Year 10, students complete a unit on Economics that builds upon the Law and Government unit from the previous year.

Year 11 to 12

The College offers four elective courses in order to cater for the variety of student interests and abilities in Year 11 and 12. They may select Stage 1- Stage 3 courses in Ancient History, Economics, Geography and Modern History.

For more information on specific course outlines, you can go to the Subject Information Booklets under the subjects heading.