This area of study could be best described as the practical side of education. A wide range of subjects is delivered including Graphic Design, Home Economics, Textiles, Child Studies, Food and Nutrition, Hospitality, Business, Accounting and Finance, Computing and ICT, Computer Aided Design, Engineering and Construction, Multimedia and Woodwork.

The main thread that binds this diverse area together is an understanding of how we work practically to support the community that we live in. Skills are taught, but more importantly, where and how to use these skills to build the Kingdom of God is the underlying foundation.Design is a function of our creativity. We can be deeply satisfied in a creative process that solves problems requiring innovation and lateral thinking.

Design is a foundational pillar to the subjects in this Faculty. Developing a sophisticated understanding of how design makes the world a better place to live in is a transformational function of the practical subjects and a life-changing event for many of our students.