Middle School News

Story and Challenge in Term 3

This term, we are providing a platform for students to begin exploring what they are capable of. … more

Year 8 Science

Students in Year 8 Science have been discovering the fascinating realm that lies beyond what the human eye can see; the microscopic world. … more

Is who we think we are, who we really are?

Many of the students have approached these ideas with a sincere desire to understand and grow. … more

Perception versus Reality

The Year 9 English students recently finished a unit that explored the perceptions versus the reality of the Reality TV genre. … more

A-maze-ing Woodwork in Year 7

Our Year 7 girls designed and created wooden mazes in their Design and Technology class last week – producing creative and unique results! … more

Living Well in Year 7

Students designed bunting for their classroom to spread an awareness of antibullying – Bullying No Way! … more

The Story and Challenge Program

Under the leadership of the Deputy Head of Middle School, Simon Bergin, the College co-constructed a scope and sequence for wellbeing 7-12 … more

Year 9 Students Excel in Maths Project

Year 9 students were given the hypothetical task to coordinate the donation of a 20-foot sea container filled with World Aid boxes. … more

Project Based Learning in Year 7

Students in Middle School are learning to apply their understanding of mathematical concepts to real life in project based learning. … more

Accelerated Reader Certificate Winners

During the Learning@Home program, a number of our Year 7 students achieved certificates in the Accelerated Reader (AR) program. … more