Middle School News

Upcoming events in Year 8

It will be a big term for the Year 8 cohort with Community Service Days in Week 6 (16-20 November) and a Team Challenge Day in Week 7... … more

Year 9 students Keep Australia Beautiful

The Year 9 Community Service Day explored how much work goes into keeping our beaches clean. … more

Health education in Year 8

Health's key messages are some of the most important life lessons that any student may study at school. … more

Year 7 poetry

Our Year 7 English students worked on Haiku and Senryu poetry last term, producing inspiring pieces of poetry. … more

Cartoons and Mathematical Functions

The Year 9 Advanced Maths students have been working on a project using a software package called DESMOS, which is available online. … more

Year 7 Virtual Debating Success

The Year 7 Swan Christian College debating teams have seen continued success. … more

Middle School Celebration

Recently we held our Celebration event for Middle School. Students in Years 7-9 were awarded for outstanding academic achievement. … more

Middle School basketball competitions

Our Middle School Basketball Specialist students have been kept very busy this term, showing promising results and playing in great spirits. … more

Authors and protagonists

The English extension class have embarked on an exciting new project! … more

Year 7s excel in Virtual Debate

This semester, at Swan Christian College, we have been engaging in a ‘Virtual Debating’ competition. … more