Middle School News

Japanese Sport Competition

Throughout Term 4, our Year 7 Japanese students learned about Japanese sport and the language needed to talk about the sports they enjoy.... … more

Academic Scholarship Applications

Swan Christian College is offering an Academic Scholarship Program for students entering Year 10 in 2020. … more

Sons and Daughters Dinners

The Year 9 Sons and Daughters dinners were held over two nights at Mandoon Estate. … more

Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey

Earlier this month, 20 of our Year 9 students participated in the Adventurous Journey as a part of their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award. … more

Year 8 Adventure Morning

Our Year 8 students participated in an adventure morning. … more

UWA Discovery Day

The Year 8 Discovery Days are aimed at Indigenous Year 8 students from across the Perth metropolitan area. … more

Congratulations to Molly Healy

Year 9 student Molly Healy has been selected to join the U18s Australian Cricket team. … more

Congratulations to Hayden Rogers

Year 9 student Hayden Rogers successfully completed his first solo flight over the school holidays in a Cessna 152. … more

Congratulations to Chelsea de Jonge

Year 9 Swanonline student Chelsea de Jonge has won the National Equestrian Para Grade 5 Championships. … more

Cheer and Dance Competition

Swan Christian College attended our first ever cheer and dance competition! The massive two event has over 1900 competitors and 5000... … more