Middle School News

Accelerated Reader Certificate Winners

During the Learning@Home program, a number of our Year 7 students achieved certificates in the Accelerated Reader (AR) program. … more

Story and Challenge in Year 9

With a deeper knowledge of their family heritage as a grounding point, the Year 9s are now progressing into understanding more about self. … more

Living Well in Year 8

The Year 8 students have been working through an online course called ‘Digital Licence’ in their Living Well sessions. … more

Year 8 Living Well

The Year 8s have been continuing their theme of growth this term. … more

Year 8 Bubble Soccer

Friday 13 May might be unlucky for some, but certainly not for the Year 8s! … more

Discovering Family History

In Term 1, Students began to discover their own family history. … more

Joy and Adventure at Year 7 Camp

Although it was a hot week the Year 7 students were excited as they embarked on the buses to Kerem Adventure Camp. … more

Year 9 Parent Information Night

The College will be holding a Year 9 Parent Information Evening on Tue 25 February from 5:30pm (prior to the Parent Cyber Safety Session). … more

Year 8 Living Well

The Year 8s launched into their Living Well program in 2020 with an assembly and a guest speaker on the topic of cyber safety. … more

International Cooperation in Year 8 English

A selection of Year 8 students took part in the Learning Enrichment & Advancement Program (LEAP) for the first time, in Week 3. … more