Middle School News

Year 9 PCWA Next Generation Program

Our Year 9 students participated in the Petroleum Club of WA’s Next Generation School Program. … more

Fine Young Entrepreneurs in Year 9

Year 9 Business Enterprise and Management Studies students planned and ran their own business activities. … more

School Sport WA Triathlon 2020

17 students from Year 7 to Year 9 to Champion Lakes Regatta Centre competed in the School Sport WA Triathlon against numerous other schools. … more

Year 9 Sons and Daughters Dinners

The Year 9 Story and Challenge program will conclude with a formal dinner held at Mandoon Estate. Please don’t forget to RSVP by 30... … more

Year 7 Peer Support Program

A big thank you to our Year 10 Peer Leaders who ran several sessions with our Year 7 students as part of our Living Well program. … more

Year 7 Orientation Day for 2021

We recently had Orientation Day to welcome our new Year 7s for 2021. … more

Year 9 OLNA results 2020

This year’s OLNA results have been stunning with about 85% of students meeting most of the numeracy and literacy requirements for... … more

Year 7 Lightning Carnival

On Monday 19 October, the entire Year 7 cohort participated in the ACC Lightning Carnival. … more

Year 7 HASS classes study Ancient Rome

The Year 7 HASS classes have been studying Ancient Rome this term. … more

Swan Best Speaker

Students participated in the Swan Best Speaker competition. Students were asked to prepare a persuasive speech on a topic of their choosing. … more